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Sustainable Cocktail

bringing sustainability to events

We are the first mobile bar company in the UK that focuses on sustainability, healthier sugar content and supports mindful drinking.

Private & Corporate Events  - Festivals - Brand Activations - Sporting Events

Why work towards being more sustainable?

Music, food and of course drinks lie at the centre of a celebration in almost every culture around the globe. We want everyone to be able to share in special celebrations without it impacting negatively on the planet. 

Image by Dang Cuong

What's in 


Summer is here which means the most delicious summer fruits are on the menu

 accredited for sustainability in the uk

Responsible Hospitality VF CERTIFIED_nocutlery-01.png

We are the first mobile bar company in the UK to have been accredited subject to audit for our sustainability practises

Sorting Natural Ingredients
Barman Pouring Cocktails at an Event


Add some spice to your life with our fiery version of this classic cocktail. 

fiery mimosa portrait.png

delicious sour

Apples and Peaches never tasted so deliciously sustainable before. Introducing our take on Avallen's original serve.

Delicious Sour Cocktail


Nutricious and delicious. Full of summer flavour and colour.

Sweet, but not sugary

Celery Southside.png
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