Our Mission

We founded The Natural Bar Company in 2019 because of all the excess waste we saw at events created by mobile bar companies: from the actual bars themselves, which often ended up in the local landfill, to the mass of citrus fruit thrown away at the end of the night. Our mission is simple but not easy - to reduce waste on bars at events across the UK by operating in a more sustainable way. As a start we use locally sourced ingredients as well as imported ingredients from fairtrade suppliers to minimise our impact and deliver a fresh taste.

“My adventure started in a period and place of austerity, which included national rationing; I, however, was fortunate enough to be raised in a house with a humble,  yet highly diverse and effective garden model, accompanied by a healthy fondness for canning, pickling, preserves and jams. This also created the perfect environment for creativity: the now popular concept of farm to table was almost a necessity not a choice. Fast forward, fifteen years spent working the trenches of hospitality, just to find myself much further from my origins than I ever expected and felt comfortable with. My attempts at implementing sustainable practises for my past employers were often met with operational or financial objections. I was in danger of becoming disillusioned, but this all changed a few years ago when I found others from the industry who had similar views on sustainability and had witnessed the wasteful nature of the hospitality and events sector. Thus The Natural bar Company was born."

Jon Rus in the garden with herbs
John - Sustainable Mixology Director

John, our Sustainable Mixology Director, as well as being passionate about sustainability also wanted to come up with a unique drink offer that took into account the wellbeing of the consumer.  As a result our bars as standard stock mixers with reduced sugar content, CBD infused drinks and high quality spirits. We also offer an extensive range of non-alcoholic options as part of our support for mindful drinking.

Meet The Team

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Dominic John

Business Director

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"Sustainability to me, means making a considered decision about how much we consume and the impact of that consumption, whilst also trying to recycle and reuse what is already here. Eventually, I would like to see it mean that we are actually creating carbon stores to repay the debt we all owe. "

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Joey Soden

Production Director

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"Sustainability to me, means being creative with usable waste and seeing what can be achieved with a little more thought and energy focused in a meaningful way. It is surprising how good a bar made from up-cycled production waste can look. "

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John Rus

Mixology Director

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Sustainability to me means not only respecting nature, but also operating with it in mind. The perfect example is often beautifully displayed by nature and is a symphony of balanced closed-loop systems. I see us as guests and participants, rather than masters of the planet. 

Sugar Content

Too much processed sugar can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems and an increased risk of heart disease. That is why we use reduced sugar in our libations and we always opt for organic raw sugars and natural sweeteners, as these contain additional nutrients, such as enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them our chosen way of making our cocktail creations nutritious rather than damaging.

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A scientific study found that the average person is responsible for 1.25 kg of waste each day they attend an event. We have been working hard over the last two years to work out how to help customers reduce that wastage at the bar. It has also inspired us to look at how we operate away from the bar, learn more about our journey here

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Mindful Drinking

A staggering 8.6 million people in the UK reconsidered their relationship with alcohol in 2018. Mindful drinking is the practice of being aware of why and how much alcohol you drink, often leading to healthier relationships with alcohol. We support mindful drinking through engaging with this growing community and offering an extensive non-alcoholic offer as standard on our all or menus, as well as lower ABV options. 

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