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Bricky Rum Punch (£10) with or without CBD

Don Q Gold Rum & Don Q Oak Barrely Spiced Rum, Velvet Falernum, Apple J with Rescued Pineapple Cordial topped with Roasted Pineapple Soda OR Intune Ginger+CBD

We use Don Q Rum as it is the most sustainabile Rum Distillery on the planet with a heavy focus on water convseration

The Bounty Huntress (£11)

Aluna Coconut Rum, Don Q Cristal Rum, Aluna Coconut Coffee Liquer, Coldbrew Coffee topped with Coconut Vanilla & Cinnamon Foam garnsihed with Chicory Root served in Stroodles edible cup

We also love Aluna Rum because it is uses less sugar, opting insteasd for more natural flavours including sustainably soruced coconut water

The Sleeping Bandit (£10) with or without CBD

El Sueno Gold Tequila, El Bandarra Al Fresco, Hacked Lime Juice and rescued Chilli flakes topped with Grapefuit Soda or Intune Grapefruit, Mint +CBD

El Sueno Tequila is our favourite Tequila! One because it tastes great and two because the brand cares about the planet, the Tequial is made the mixto method of making Tequila which requires less Agave

NewGroni 38 (£10)

Cardamom infused Portabello Road Gin, El Bandarra Vermouth and Pampelle Aperitif, Everleaf Mountain

So we needed a Vermouth, and we could not think of a tastier brand than El Bandarra, new on the scene but old in the game!

Briximion (£10)

Portabello Road Gin, Velvet Falernum, Pineapple Juice, Hacked Lime and Mint

You cannot get more locally sourced then down the road (well across London), also it helps hat Portabello Road Gin tastes amazing!

Sage Against the Machine (£10)

Avallen, Creme de Mure topped with Apple, Blackberry & Sage soda

No Sustainable Cocktail Bar would be complete without Avallen, these sustainability heros are on course to be planting 10,000 flowering plants in Normandy as well as restoring local medows, donating to bee charities and even making their bottle labels from waste

About Thyme (£10)

Thyme & Organice Green Tea infused Black Cow Vodka, Creme de Peche, Thyme topped with DIY Green Apple Soda

We use Black Cow Vodka as it is produced using surplus milk that would have been wasted, yes you read it right! In addition, every part of the bottle can be recyled!

Bloody Mary (£10) or Virgin Mary (£7.50)

Carrot & Celery washed T&RT Vodka, Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix Mary Mix, Tomato Juice, Celery & Wholegrain Mustard

Our (not so secret) ingredient in this is Bloody Bens Bloody Mary mMix, it is sensational!

ALCOHOL FREE Celery South Side (£8)

Bax Botanics Verbena, Rescued Pineapple Cordial, Celery Water and Saline Solution, Celery Bitters

We use Bax Botanics as the AF Spirit base for our cocktails because of its refined and superioir taste, distilled in beaten copper stills! In addition, they only use organic and ethically sourced herbs and botanicals as well as employing and promoting recycling practises

ALCOHOL FREE T&C's with CBD (£8)

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn, Carrot & Turmeric Cordial finished with Intune Ginger + CBD Soda

We have been delivering the CBD in our cocktails in partnership with Intune , best in the market in our humble opinion!


Single £6.50

Double £9.60

Don Q Gold Rum

Don Q Cristal Rum

Don Q Oak Barreled Spiced Rum

Aluna Coconut Rum

El Sueno Gold Tequila

Portabello Road Gin

Black Cow Vodka

Avallen Calvados

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn (Alcohol Free)

Bax Botanics Verbena (Alcohol Free)

Wine (Organic and Sustainable)


£5 for 125ml or £18 for 500ml Carafe


£5 for 125ml or £18 for 500ml Carafe


£6 for 125ml or £22 for 500ml Carafe


£7 for 125ml or £26 for 500ml Carafe


Toast Ale Brewery Lager

Half-Pint £3.10/ Pint £6

Toast Ale Brewery Oat Pale Ale

Half-Pint £3.10/ Pint £6

Soft Drinks

Fever Tree(£3)

Elderflower tonic


Ginger Beer

Intune CBD Drinks (£3)

Ginger + CBD Soda

Lemon +CBD Soda

Tonic +CBD

Grapefruit, Mint +CBD (+£1)

London Essence (£3)

Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic

Roasted Pineapple Soda

Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic

Fentimans (£3)

Curiousity Cola

Merchant's Heart (£3)

Hibiscus Tonic

IKO (£4)

Yerba Mate

Not all ingredients listed, so if you any allergies please ask waiting asking staff for allergen sheet